pirkenhammer vases II

Bohemian vases made by Pirkenhammer

A favorite of mine in our collection is the pair of vases located in our confederate parlor.  The vases are blue porcelain with bisque figures in the lower part of the vases.  The two vases look so delicately beautiful, and represent porcelain from long ago.

These vases were in made in a Pirkenhammer factory in about 1853. Pirkenhammer was a porcelain factory started in 1802, located in Bohemia, now Brezova, Czech Republic. By the 1820s the factory was considered the best in Bohemia. Pirkenhammer translucent porcelain factory earned the company a bronze medal at the 1835 Vienna World Fair and a gold medal in 1839.

Anne Layfield, docent for 14 years and member of The National Society of The Colonial Dames in The State of Alabama

girl vase

Detail of girl vase

boy vase

Detail of boy vase