Enter the 1800s kitchen through cell doors from the first jail in Mobile, Alabama

Our 1800s kitchen is an interesting place to see. It is so fun to take time and try to imagine what it would have been like to prepare a meal. No wonder dining was an event back in the day!

Now imagine how today’s many modern appliances make family meal preparations different and easier than the modern appliances of the 1800s.

The iron toaster is a particularly intriguing piece to me. I am amazed by the ingenuity of the people of the 1800s. When we reach the kitchen during a tour, I always ask our guests if they know what “modern appliance” I am holding.  Many adults know right away that it is a toaster. To my surprise, several children, ages 10-15 can tell me exactly what appliance it is without hesitation.

Karen Montee, docent for 16 years